“Style = FART”

The brief article on Stefan Sagmeister within Graphic Design for the 21st Century discuss how he as a designer is “mostly concerned with design that has the ability to touch the viewer’s heart.” This book is compiled with an in-depth look at today’s most progressive graphic trends. From signage and packaging to branding and web design. This book features artists from all over the world, offering a designers’ view on where they believe the field to be headed. The section on Stefan Sagmeister’s work especially caught my eye due to its grotesque yet very simplistic presentation. It had a moving effect on me than the numerous other artists’ work that I previously looked through. He believes a good designers conscience shouldn’t be a flexible as the changes in pop culture. In other words, don’t let today’s trend change your views of the world, stand by your beliefs and let that which is worthy move your soul.sagmeister

“Style = FART”

Lecture poster


Cranbrook Academy of Art and AIGA Detroit

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